#MotusTips: Meet Gen Z Marketing Guru, Jonah Stillman.

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Arkady Fridman, Founder at Motus Media a boutique media buying agency specializing in Programmatic, Social, Content and Performance marketing, chats with Jonah Stillman at the 2018 Advertising Week New York Event at the Target room to talk about how to market to Gen Z in under 10 Minutes.. The 19-year-old, along with his father David, are known as the “Gen Z Gurus” – they wrote the book on the topic of Gen Z and the workplace, delving into the relationship that Gen Z has with not only careers and their futures, but also how they communicate, workstyles, and more. Jonah has become something of a micro-influencer himself.  Their book is called Gen Z @ Work: https://www.amazon.com/Gen-Work-Generation-Transforming-Workplace/dp/0062475444

Additionally, Jonah has worked with a range of prominent companies and organizations to help them bridge the Gen Z gap – including 3M, Microsoft, Linked-In, Intuit, the NFL, and TED X, among others.  He’s an entrepreneurial-minded individual and can certainly speak to the latest trends and how companies are changing the way they market to Gen Z in this new age.

Jonah graduated from high school in 2017 and is pursuing a life as an entrepreneur. Growing up, for 10-years Jonah competed on the national US circuit in snowboarding. He was ranked in the top 5 in the US before hanging up his helmet to pursue working with his Dad in the generational field.  Jonah and a team of peers conducted one of the first national surveys about Gen Zs workplace attitudes. The eye-opening results ignited Jonahs interest in keeping the dialogue going. After growing up watching his dad – David – be the voice of his generation, Jonah is excited to be a voice of Gen Z. He is the youngest speaker on the circuit and has already shared his insights on Gen Z with CNBC, MSNBC, and CBS and was recently featured in Fast Company, TIME, INC, Forbes and the NY Times. Success Magazine voted David and Jonah in the top 25 most influential speakers and authors for 2018.

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