#MotusTips: Meet Duke Fanelli CMO of ANA Part 1.

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Arkady Fridman, Founder at Motus Media a boutique media buying agency specializing in Programmatic, Social, Content and Performance marketing, chats with Duke Fanelli, CMO of the Association of National Advertisers to discuss their organization and marketing initiatives. The ANA’s tagline is ‘We’re All In On Driving Growth.” The company’s history dates back to 108 years of marketing thought leadership. Learn how Duke got into Marketing, the various initiatives that the ANA is leading and how advertising has changed over the last 8 years.

Learn more about becoming a member of the ANA here:

Learn more about the See Her Initiative:

#SeeHer is a movement led by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the largest marketing and advertising association in the U.S. Its mission is to increase the percentage of accurate portrayals of women and girls in U.S. advertising and media by 20% by 2020, the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote.

Here’s the transcript from our conversation:

Arkady: Hello and welcome again to Motus Tips. I’m Arkady Fridman, the Founder at Motus Media and I’m really excited today to have a segment and sit down with Duke Fanelli, the CMO of the ANA. Nice to see you again.

Duke: Nice to see you, thanks for the invitation.

Arkady: So, with this segment, we usually talk about you know what’s happening in the industry, specifically with some movers and shakers on brands and services. This is a great opportunity where we get to look at kind of the whole industry as a whole because you guys are so relevant with all of your members and everybody that you work with, all the great events. So, what I thought I’d do is just introduce Motus Media, we’re a boutique agency, we work with a bunch of brands including the ANA, we do social media, we do programatic and a lot more and we’re really excited to sit down have this opportunity to chat. So, tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got into marketing because so many people you know they fall into it, they didn’t expect to do what they’re doing, I know you have a background you know in communications and with the industry but wondering how you got into it and what your role specifically entails?


Duke: So, that’s great, so I never thought I would be in marketing and that’s not what I woke up one morning dreaming of. So, I started out as in journalism school, loved the idea of being a reporter, went to work for a small daily newspaper back in the back in the late 70’s, then went over to then went to graduate school, left graduate school and went to work in advertising, so I was a reporter there for about three years. Had an opportunity to move into PR and I was very conflicted because as journalist and PR isn’t necessarily the most exciting business to move into. Moved into PR and then from there got into marketing and started working in financial services marketing and I was there for 25 years and then moved to the ANA in 2010.

Arkady: Very nice and I know you’ve been here for a few years. ANA is an older brand, it’s about 108 years old and can you talk about the changes that you’ve seen in the marketing industry and how the ANA has viewed them through the last five years.


Duke: Sure, so even in the short time the eight years or so that I’ve been here, the ANA has changed dramatically. I think it’s purpose has become much broader, the value to marketers I think has increased dramatically. The role the ANA plays in industry initiatives has the pace of that is increased tremendously. We pride ourselves on really trying to lead the industry, trying to be the voice of the marketer in the industry. So, whether that’s on transparency issues or whether it’s on measurement issues, digital supply chain, whatever it may be that’s important to marketers, we try to be out front and represent the industry as a whole, so that’s one of the big pieces of the ANA. The rest of it is for the ANA and this is a relatively new model for us but it’s about how do we help our members drive growth. We know obviously driving growth, growth is the bottom line for marketers, for any business, so our role, we see our role is really finding the ways through whether it’s through education or whether it’s through committees or the exchange of ideas to help them figure out how they can as we say fuel smarter marketing’s to help drive their growth.


Arkady: Awesome and I think that’s very relevant to any size company, could be a start up, could be a Fortune 500 company. Growth is super important, you know the buzzwords in Silicon Valley, you know it’s everywhere else is how do I get exponential growth? How do I hack growth? Growth hacking and I think you really need to go to your fundamentals and get your awareness and kind of marketing strategy down right. Can you maybe talk about you know some of the members that are part of the ANA, a lot of people may not know who the ANA is and they may be interested in joining, you know  who are the types of companies that join and you know, how do you become a member?


Duke: Sure, so we have over a 1,000 members, I think we’re pushing 1,100 members and they range, they range from a small marketer, maybe in existence just a couple years, may have a marketing team of one to five people, all the way up to the giants in marketing the Procter and Gambles of the World, the Coca-Cola of the world, where they have hundreds if not thousands of marketers. So, the range is incredibly broad and we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of marketers regardless of where you are on that spectrum, so there’s services we can provide to a Procter and Gamble and there are services we can provide to our smallest member that just needs help figuring out how to do a marketing plan. So, that’s important to us, we don’t want to be just serving the large marketers and we certainly don’t want to just service the small marketers, we want to serve every, all marketers in between. A couple years ago we changed our bylaws to allow associate members into the ANA and associate members comprise agencies and law firms and consultancies and organizations that are not what we would call client side marketers. So, we’ve really opened the membership up pretty well.


Arkady: And I’ll put links in the video below, you know where you can find information obviously, ANA.net and there’s great other articles and you have such rich content out there where you just have to register, it doesn’t cost you anything. So, stay tuned for the second segment, we’ll go a little bit deeper, we’ll talk about you know specific campaigns specific clients and where you see the future of advertising. Thank you.

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