#MotusTips: Meet Duke Fanelli CMO of ANA Part 2.

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Arkady Fridman, Founder at Motus Media a boutique media buying agency specializing in Programmatic, Social, Content and Performance marketing, chats with Duke Fanelli, CMO of the Association of National Advertisers to discuss their organization and marketing initiatives. The ANA’s tagline is ‘We’re All In On Driving Growth.” The company’s history dates back to 108 years of marketing thought leadership. Learn how Duke got into Marketing, the various initiatives that the ANA is leading and how advertising has changed over the last 8 years.

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#SeeHer is a movement led by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the largest marketing and advertising association in the U.S. Its mission is to increase the percentage of accurate portrayals of women and girls in U.S. advertising and media by 20% by 2020, the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote.

Here’s the transcript from our conversation:

Arkady: Welcome back, I’m Arkady Fridman and I’m so excited to have Duke Fanelli, the CMO of ANA and again we are talking about Motus Tips and really about the advertising industry as a whole. So, in this segment we’re going to get a little bit deeper into, you know tactics, specific campaigns or ideas and themes that are occurring and then we’ll have closing statements. So, Duke welcome back.


Duke: Thank you.


Arkady: I’m really excited to talk to you about kind of more deeper interesting kind of topics. So, maybe you can tell me a little bit about from your experience in campaigns that you’ve seen and topics in the industry, how do you measure success and you know maybe just top line because this can be a whole segment for hours?


Duke: Sure, so for us as a trade association, engagement with our members is a critical measure of success for us. The higher the level of engagement, the more we feel we’re reaching our marketer members, the more we feel they are as I have mentioned before that we’re helping them fuel smarter marketing, it’s all about making them as good as they can possibly be from a marketing perspective, so engagement is a critical measure for us and then ultimately like everyone else at the end of the day, it’s about conversions. We have you know, events that we sponsor throughout the year, whether they’re conferences or whether they’re member only events and obviously we want to fill those seats and so conversions is another important metric for us.


Arkady: And to get to the conversions, we’re talking all the time about how do you optimize, where are you focusing on specific content, those in specific you want to make sure that we’re reaching the right people in the industry and we have different tactics to do that and ultimately and from the work that we’ve done together as you’re bringing together that interest, that engagement and content to see if they can ultimately, you know register and be more interested in being part of this community.


Duke: Well that’s right and in our work with you with Motus Media, we’ve been able to do some really nice segmentation of our membership and drive them either to a specific or communicate to them about a specific event or a special piece of content that we think is particularly relevant and be able to look at how they’re engaging, you know and which again goes back to that old metric, the more they engage with us the more time they’re spending on our website or reading a piece of content, the more value we believe we bring to them into the organization.


Arkady: Absolutely and I saw that you rebranded some of the marketing materials, some of the creative looks amazing, it’s been great before when you’re incorporated, it’s almost a reflection of your audience and your members now you see a lot of what’s happening these rich creatives, which I think help.


Duke: I agree, I mean it’s we’re 108-year-old organization but we launched our very first brand campaign at the start of Q4, 2017, so we had a lot of time before that but what we’ve I think we’ve found our footing. So, we launched in October with our tagline, It’s In Our DNA, which we truly believe we are all about helping marketers grow and drive growth. In January, we switched it up to, We’re All About Driving Growth, so growth is an important thing for us, we know it’s an important thing for our members.


Arkady: Absolutely and I think that translates to everybody. Maybe talk about some of the examples or themes that you see in the marketing industry as a whole. Are there specific topics that you’re seeing are resonating more and some of the events and the thought leaders that are members here?


Duke: Sure, so we know from our experience that there’s a couple of things that we’ve been doing for a very long time. Agency relations is always top of mind for our marketer members, we’ve been doing a study on the agency relations I want to say for the last fifty years, it’s a biannual study and more recently topics like transparency, ad blocking, the digital supply chain have all risen to the top and have become very, very important to our marketer members and to the industry, I don’t want to exclude the rest of the industry, to the industry overall, so that’s been a that’s been a big focus of ours for the last two plus years, transparency in particular something that we brought to the forefront in mid 2016.


Arkady: Very nice. Any closing statements for the segment, where do you see the marketing, you know industry going as a whole? I know we’re working with programmatic and programmatic is very important, social media is important, influencer marketing is important, so where do you think, where do you see kind of the industry moving for the future? What are some of the themes that people are talking about in the industry, thought leaders talking about not specifically just ANA but in an advertising in general?


Duke: Yes, so I think across the industry we’re seeing agents’ relations continues to float to the top, that’s very important from both the marketer and agency perspective as agency activities, agency buying has moved more in-house and even with programatic it’s moving in-house, we see that. The whole issue around transparency, which has been a very hot topic for the last two or three years continues to bubble to the surface, that’s a massive issue that affects everyone in the industry. Ad blocking is certainly right up there. Privacy continues to be a big issue, there are so many issues that marketers need to be aware of and be prepared to tackle these days that you could spend your entire day just dealing with what’s happening in the industry, much less trying to move your own organization.


Arkady: Absolutely. I think some of the fundamental tactics and ideas of marketing are changing but the technology is changing, you know what there’s technologies out there that we don’t even know that are coming with block chain, you know with voice, I have Alexa and Siri, that’s so important you know the distance between how we interact with technology is getting a lot closer to our bodies, you know who knows you know you might have Alexa built right into your glasses soon they’re talking about products like that but the fundamentals are still the same with which I hear you saying.


Duke: Yeah, the fundamentals will likely never change right, it’s all about delivering to the consumer what the consumer wants, it’s about helping the brand understand what it is that keeps them, keeps a consumer energized and interested and focused on their products and services. I heard something just the other day that the average consumer is I guess subject to 9,000 impressions or 9,000 images in the course of the day and that’s massive overload for anyone and trying to you know, trying to decide or break through the clutter of that pick, the handful that you’re going to focus on is a very difficult and increasingly difficult task.


Arkady: Thank you so much. I think there’s so much more to talk about.


Duke: My pleasure.


Arkady: Absolutely, we’ll do this again.


Duke: Okay, very good.


Arkady: Thanks a lot.

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